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BUDGET 2020! – Has it done enough to help Small Business? 1

Only the most optimistic among us would declare Budget 2020 a Small Business friendly budget!

There are however those who make the point that it could have been worse, so maybe we should celebrate none the less.

So, what are the positives?

  • VAT as many speculated, did not increase.
  • The “One Off” Corruption Tax wasn’t implemented
  • Company Taxes remained the same
  • Public Servants wage bill to be cut by R160 Billion over the next 3 years

The negatives?

  • Limited bracket creep to take into account inflation
  • Expat tax is real – threshold increased to R1.25 million
  • 16c per litre increase in Fuel levy
  • 9c per litre increase in Road Accident Fund levy

Despite the pro small business leaning of the budget speech, the clear facts are that business ownership for all entrepreneurs is going to carry more “penalties” than many might think the risks warrant! So how can these penalties be mitigated? The best way is to ensure your business qualifies as a small business corporation (SBC) as this still allows for a little breathing room from the new tax increases.

How, you may ask?

The table below illustrates the different outcomes on R1 577 301 million profit and shows that being an SBC is still clearly the best option

Income Type PAYE SBC Tax Co Tax Div. Tax Total Paid
All Salary R559 464 0 0 0 R559 464
SBC Mix Sal/Tax/Div. R333 964 R58 583 0 R98 283 R490 830
Co. Mix Sal/Tax / Div. R333 964 0 R154 000 R79 200 R567 164
SBC All Dividend 0 R58 583 R287 644 R246 215 R592 442
Co. All Dividend 0 0 R441 644 R227 131 R668 775

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