SME.TAX provides Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping, CIPC Registrations,
Entrepreneurship Mentoring, Payroll & Secretarial

We charge a single, fixed fee based on turnover to provides the full accounting Services needed to service a small business, at an affordable price.

SME.TAX are entrepreneurs who have a mission to bring a wealth of experience and a dedication to our clients’ success. At the core of our service is a desire to positively impact the communities we serve through our Tax, Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Business Consulting, International Tax, BEE and Advisory Services.

9 Steps to building your company company registration

Company Registrations

The first thing most entrepreneurs do is formalise the structure under which they plan to conduct their business. You may or may not be aware, but there are several different types of business entities you can choose from when you wish to get started in business.

Statutory Registrations

CIPC & SARS Registrations are a very important part of running your business legally, below is a list of registrations that need to be completed at each stage of your business cycle.

Calculating tax

Company Tax

Most importantly – ALL businesses are required to register for Income Tax with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) AND are required to submit an Income Tax return regardless of whether they make a profit of not!

Monthly Accounting

Besides processing your monthly books of account, we also give you access to XERO an online accounting system and Hubdoc software thereby making it easy for you to invoice your clients on the go.

Monthly Payroll

Payroll is one of those disciplines that can get out of control very quickly if your bookkeeper is not paying attention. Besides the annual changes to the various tax and allowance tables there are also continuous changes to the information that needs to be submitted to SARS. financial reporting

Financial Reporting

We provide you with all the key metrics that you will require to understand your business. monthly mentoring

Monthly Mentoring

Business owners that are mentored are proven to be more successful, therefore we always encourage our clients to follow this route. It is not just about accounting.

Statutory Compliance

We ensure your CIPC Annual Return, Annual Financial Statements, SARS Income Tax, SARS PAYE, SARS Provisional Tax, SARS & Labour UIF, SARS VAT and Labour’s Workman’s Compensation are submitted on time every time, that way there is never any challenges and penalties with SARS or any other Government department.



If your business is classified as an Exempt Micro Enterprise, we are able to issue you with a BEE Certificate. If you need to improve your BEE score, we can assist with that.


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